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uligo::PbmRecord Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Stores the number of right/wrong answers etc. for each problem. A list of problems
    is maintained (and stored in a .dat file) in which problems that have been asked
    already are moved to the end of the list (if answered correctly), or moved to the
    second half of the list (if not answered correctly); thus the problems at the
    beginning of the list are good choice for the problem asked next. This list is
    stored in a '.dat' file. It also contains information on how often a problem has
    been asked already, and with which results.
    Three modes are available for choosing the order of problems to ask:
    random, sequential (change .dat to keep track of correct/wrong answers),
    sequential, don't change .dat file. 

Definition at line 177 of file uligo.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def changeMode
def changeModeQuit
def getNext
def getPrevious
def printStatistics
def saveToDisk
def store

Public Attributes


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