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uligo::App Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is the main class of uligo. Here the GUI is built, the SGF database is read
    and administrated, the moves are evaluated, etc.
    Almost everything that happens here has a counterpart in the GUI, so if you
    are looking for something, take a look at the __init__ method first, where
    the GUI is initialized; there you should find a reference to the method you
    are searching.

Definition at line 380 of file uligo.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def activateButtons
def backProblem
def changeModeGM
def clearStatistics
def convCoord
def disableButtons
def findMatchingParenthesis
def findNextParenthesis
def giveHint
def giveHintGM
def guessFailure
def guessSuccess
def helpAbout
def helpDoc
def helpLicense
def loadOptions
def markAll
def markRightWrong
def navSolutionNextMove
def nextGM
def nextMove
def nextMoveReplay
def nextProblem
def packGM
def playVar
def printStatistics
def quit
def readProblemColl
def replayGame
def restartGM
def restartProblem
def saveOptions
def setup
def setWhoseTurn
def showSolution
def textWindow
def timeover
def tryVariation
def undo2
def undoNavSol
def undoTryVar

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